Prosystems IT wins Sparkasse Leverkusen outsourcing deal

Source: Wincor Nixdorf

Wincor Nixdorf's subsidiary Prosystems IT recently received an order for the operation of Sparkasse Leverkusen's user help desk. The help desk services for technical and banking-related queries have been outsourced to the IT service provider for a period of seven years, starting from October 2011.

In addition, the existing hardware service contract for the savings bank's 42 self-service systems has been extended by 36 months. Sparkasse Leverkusen is thus securing the availability of its self-service systems and the efficiency of its user help desk in the long term.

In detail, the outsourcing contract for the user help desk stipulates that Prosystems IT will act as a single point of contact, accepting and processing both technical and banking-related queries for all applications as well as fault reports for all devices received by phone or e-mail. This also includes queries about Finanz Informatik's core banking system OSPlus. The savings bank thus benefits from transparency regarding problems and inquiries and is able to increase its availability in the event of an incident. Similarly, system availability and processing times are significantly improved. Prosystems IT is also in charge of managing the user administration for Sparkasse Leverkusen's applications.

"The migration to Prosystems IT ran smoothly, and the feedback from our users is positive throughout," reports Ingo Prothmann, head of IT Organization at Sparkasse Leverkusen.
"We currently support more than 12,000 help desk users in the German savings bank arena. Our excellent savings bank-specific know-how enables us to provide our customers with optimal support," says Vassilios Timiliotis from Prosystems IT.

Wincor Nixdorf installed its first ATMs for the savings bank in 2003 and has been providing product-related services for the self-service systems ever since.
For the past seven years, Wincor Nixdorf's subsidiary Prosystems IT has been supporting Sparkasse Leverkusen in operating and maintaining the ABIT Recht software for the management of accounts receivable.
In 2010, Sparkasse Leverkusen commissioned Prosystems IT to take over its license management, which involves checking and monitoring the software licenses the savings bank uses. 

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