Revere provides more data for Google Finance

Source: Revere

Revere Data, LLC, an industry leader in sector classification systems and supply chain data, has expanded the scope of data it provides for Google Finance(TM) with the licensing of RISC Focus(TM) and display rights for Revere Relationships(TM).

Google Finance can now adopt and display Revere's global sector classification for approximately 40,000 publicly-traded companies from 80 countries and detailed interconnections of suppliers, customers and competitors for over 5,800 companies currently trading in major U.S. exchanges.

Revere content will enhance the Google Finance user experience by providing superior visibility into the true competitive landscape of companies as well as the interconnections of their respective supply chains.

RISC Focus(TM) is Revere's newest classification system and is based on the patented Revere Hierarchy(TM). The RISC family of classification systems provides the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date sector classification available in the market with a bottom-up approach to classifying companies based on the goods and services they sell.

Revere Relationships(TM) offers a 360-degree view of how a company creates and transfers value through its supply chain and provides strategic insights into key business relationships, such as suppliers, customer, competitors, and strategic partners.

"Google has been an important long-term Revere client and we are pleased to integrate our leading products into Google Finance and, as a result, provide relevant business insights on thousands of global companies to Google users," said Kevin E. O'Brien, President & CEO of Revere.

"Integrating Revere's RISC data into Google Finance has allowed us to greatly increase the number of tickers for which we show related companies. We now display related companies' information not only for US-listed securities, but for thousands of international securities as well. We're excited by how useful this expanded coverage is for our users," said Karolina Netolicka, Google Finance Product Manager.

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