Darach Ennis joins Push as chief solutions architect

Source: Push Technology

Push Technology, the last mile Internet communications specialist, announces the appointment of Darach Ennis who joins the company as chief solutions architect.

A broad ranging role, he will be responsible for advising on the design and build of 'live', interactive web solutions for clients based on their specific commercial needs, as well as evangelising about the unique capabilities of Push Technology's recently launched Diffusion 4.0 Internet communications platform to prospects and customers in a variety of industry sectors such as finance, online gaming, betting and other vertical markets requiring fast, bi-directional content delivery between web-based applications and users irrespective of device, type of browser geography and connection speed.

A senior IT architect, Darach Ennis has over 15 years IT expertise and has worked on a range of large scale implementations - particularly in Big Data, complex events processing (CEP) and low latency environments - for some of the world's leading investment banks, hedge funds, casinos and betting organisations. He has held positions at IONA Technologies, JP Morgan Chase StreamBase and Betfair.

Darach Ennis has a MSc in Networks & Distributed Systems and a BA (Mod) Honours in Computer Science from Trinity College, Dublin.

Sean Bowen, Push Technology's chief executive officer, says, "Moving the web from fairly simple request/response style interactions to real-time streaming conversations radically changes the way systems are designed and delivered, requiring a much finer, more integrated way of sending data from applications to smaller net connected devices for real-time processing. Push Technology is at the centre of this market shift and we welcome Darach on board who has the technical expertise and vision to help drive our business forward."

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