Ingenico reports Russian hypermarket deal

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico (Euronext : FR0000125346 - ING), leading worldwide provider of payment solutions, today announces the selection of its solution for the acceptance of Visa cards in "Auchan Russia" hypermarkets, in cooperation with Visa and Bank VTB24.

The iSC250 allows retailers to make an impact on customers and drive sales.

The first hypermarket to accept Visa cards is Auchan Sokolniki in Moscow, with 138 lanes equipped with Ingenico's iSC250 terminal. At the end of December 2011, already 1.700 Ingenico terminals were deployed throughout the country in 22 hypermarkets. By the end of 2012, Visa cards should be accepted in all Auchan hypermarkets in Russia. The deployment of the Ingenico terminals will thus continue.

Since 2002, Auchan has been one of the largest retailers in Russia, with currently 32 hypermarkets, 15 "Auchan City" hypermarkets, 4 "Auchan Garden" stores and 2 "Nasha Raduga" ("Our Rainbow") hypermarkets. Auchan is the first retailer in Russia to use innovative PIN Pads and has selected Ingenico's iSC250 equipped with Signature Capture technology; a high performance, customer-oriented payment device. Increasing payment options- including the acceptance of Visa cards - and geared towards a top notch customer service offering, the iSC250 is a key differentiating factor for Auchan Russia.

These new Ingenico payment terminals provide an enhanced in-store experience for customers, allowing them to speed through lanes and significantly reducing the time of payment. They integrate self-service functions to empower customers to initiate the transaction independently; a large color screen indicates all the stages of the transaction for effortless and intuitive navigation.

The iSC250 provides proven high performance signature capture for multi-lane retail environments, boasting a large screen area and easy-access stylus. It eliminates the need to print receipts, which are sent with the signature samples directly to the host server, and is much faster and more convenient than a paper check. For low value transactions, the software applies Visa fast payment transactions (Visa Easy Payments Service), which enables payment without requesting the customer's signature.

These new terminals increase efficiency at the cashier thanks to their Telium 2 platform, the industry's fastest versatile payment processor, improving the purchasing experience whilst enabling retailers to benefit from faster and secure payments.

The iSC250 allows retailers to make an impact on customers and drive sales. In-built multi-media technology attracts attention to revenue-generating services and promotions, enabling retailers to explore exciting, new, on-terminal advertising possibilities. 

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