Thai bourse preps straight-through system for information disclosure

Source: Stock Exchange of Thailand

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) will boost efficiency of information disclosure of listed companies through electronic media by introducing Straight-Through system to increase speed of information dissemination and for equality in getting information for investment, starting from January 30.

The Straight Through will also reduce resource requirements within the back office and reduce manual processing errors so that investors are able to get information directly and quickly. This is a standard enhancement for information disclosure to be in line with leading stock exchanges in the Asian region, said Supakit Jirapraditkul, SET's group head of operations.

"The SET has developed the information disclosure system continuously since 2010 by implementing web-based forms and setting a template for information dissemination which has helped facilitate listed companies, enabling them to transmit information quickly and easily. For this year, we are introducing a Straight-Through system in which investors will receive information in the same period as a listed company's distribution with procedures and timing reductions. However the SET continues to check and monitor information disclosure of listed companies. A listed company must disclose their information at least one hour before the trading opens in the morning and afternoon sessions," Supakit added.

The Straight-Through system is ready to launch on January 30 after the stock exchange has adjusted the related regulation of information disclosure and run trials with listed firms. The listed companies' information disclosure will be launched through and SET SMART. 

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