KVH plans Web application penetration testing service

Source: KVH

KVH Co., Ltd., Asia's leading information delivery platform providing integrated cloud and network solutions, announced the launch of KVH WebScan, a new web application penetration testing service for corporate risk management available from today.

KVH WebScan detects vulnerabilities in web applications from known attacks and provides reports from a third party's perspective that can be used for external audits. With KVH WebScan, automated vulnerability tests that leverage the latest tools, combined with manual inspection by security experts, generate highly accurate reports with extremely low false positive detection rates at a low cost.

With KVH WebScan, customers do not need to install any hardware or software. The service is available to users through an online portal site by simply accessing the Internet. All processes, including ordering, scheduling, and viewing reports, can be completed using the online portal site within a standard lead time of 10 days. Users have the flexibility of selecting how frequently they use KVH WebScan, with options including one time, two times, four times, and unlimited times, under an annual contract. The service is available at any time of day, including public holidays and out-of-business hours, as required to verify newly released web applications and test on-going mission-critical websites. As a cloud-based service, the platform is highly scalable, and has the capabilities to handle more than 1,000 web application tests simultaneously.

Joe Duhamel, Executive Vice President, System and Technology of KVH said, "It is important for enterprises to continuously scan for vulnerabilities and take appropriate measures to prevent attacks to their websites. KVH WebScan offers advanced diagnostic testing at reasonable prices on flexible contractual terms by combining tools covering the latest attack patterns with manual testing by security experts. KVH will continue to enhance its menu with reliable and flexible security solutions from networks to applications, to meet the various security needs of our customers." 

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