Barclays Africa puts careers planning in the cloud

Source: Barclays

Barclays Africa has been announced as a customer of a new cloud-based role management solution, Role Manager - the result of collaboration between cloud computing company Xactium and Aquarius Management Consultants.

Barclays Africa, which comprises 22,000 employees, selected the innovative role management system to centralise, link and manage all their diverse role information across the organisation. The solution also provides a careers website for accessing the information to its staff across 10 countries.

Built on,'s social enterprise platform for building employee-facing cloud apps, the solution also provides a custom career development site and employee portal, which is automatically updated with the latest information from Role Manager. The information can now be managed centrally, providing all of Barclays Africa with a "one version of the truth" view of role information. Role Manager ensures consistency, completion and accuracy of role-related data, which can then be exploited for further business benefits, role management and overall governance and compliance needs.

By using the cloud, Barclays Africa can access the solution from any location through an internet browser, eliminating the need for costly hardware investment, software installation and subsequent updates. The nature of the cloud means that customers get a highly customizable solution that can be scaled to meet user demand and which can be deployed in the fraction of the time required by "traditional" software.

The key features of Role Manager include consolidated central libraries of knowledge and skills; accountabilities; performance indicators linked to a balanced scorecard; experience; qualifications and career paths, which are then used to define the business' roles. Automatically generated role profiles provide information to staff and managers as part of performance management and development; and the management of careers and succession.

Yvonne Blackwell, Head of Learning and Development Barclays Africa, said: "Implementing Role Manager has been a great success. The ability to manage roles centrally is a real step forward, and will be a significant benefit to the business. The careers site has also been received extremely well - our employees can now access up-to-date information about careers and current roles via the web. That not only means greater visibility of the different roles within the organization, but will enhance our careers proposition going forward".

Andy Evans, CEO at Xactium, said: "We're delighted that Barclays Africa's diverse employee base is benefiting from our cloud-based Role Management solution. This marks the expansion of our suite of successful enterprise GRC solutions, which leverages the cloud to deliver real value and innovation to forward-thinking organizations like Barclays Africa."

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