ConvergEx Group launches ConnEx

Source: ConvergEx Group

ConvergEx Group, a leading technology company, today announced that it has launched ConnEx, a new business that provides a complete line of FIX connectivity infrastructure solutions.

ConnEx offers the latest technology available and a dedicated team of professionals to customize solutions with highly-flexible FIX gateways and top-quality FIX protocol implementation. These services are designed to help customers more efficiently manage their daily operations and to save significantly on capital expenditures.

"Much of today's financial services industry relies on a complex and costly technological infrastructure and many firms are challenged to keep pace as their business grows," said George Rosenberger, head of ConvergEx's ConnEx. "By outsourcing their FIX needs to ConnEx, firms will receive superior technology and support at a reduced cost and will be able to better to concentrate on their core business activities - all while knowing their connectivity business is being backed by a fully redundant and robust infrastructure."

Some of ConnEx's services include:

  • Full transparency into the status of connection requests and a dashboard view of active connection requests
  • Web-based CRM system that houses all of client connections


  • In-house development team for FIX applications
  • Multi-asset classes, including equities, options, futures, fixed income and FX
  • FIX Standards 4.0 - 5.x


  • Risk management solution can be installed on the client's desktop
  • Clients can subscribe to and monitor dozens of risk checks
  • GUI based rules engine allows for easy client customization

"With our established infrastructure, the firms that use ConnEx are no longer required to purchase and maintain duplicate equipment for production and disaster recovery environments, which reduces a significant business expense," continued Mr. Rosenberger. "And because we allow them to more quickly connect to their clients, they can book revenue faster than ever before."

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