TwoFour Foundation launched

Source: TwoFour

TwoFour, a specialist provider of global real-time financial software solutions and a trusted consultancy in capital markets today announced the availability of its latest new product offering, TwoFour Foundation.

TwoFour Foundation is a rapid development solution that offers a robust .Net and C#-based core architecture that can serve as a systems foundation to facilitate and accelerate the building, delivery and implementation of any new system across any industry.

TwoFour Foundation acts as a development catalyst, boosting and improving numerous stages of the development process. It allows start-up development projects to leverage proven system components that are at the heart of mature software applications and allows developers to focus on building functionality that is essential and unique to the specific business. The core architecture includes a robust security and user authentication component, a rules-based workflow engine, an automated process scheduler, a modern user interface, an integrated client web portal, a user-configurable interface gateway for systems communications, a user-configurable reporting tool, transaction auditability and archiving features, and extensive data access features. The system additionally includes a real-time data publisher, the ability to support high frequency and high volume transactions and a multitude of system monitoring and deployment features. Industry standard practices along with project templates can further accelerate the development process.

TwoFour Foundation is currently being leveraged by Remedy Analytics, a consulting firm that is developing an advanced analytics solution to deliver predictive, cost-saving modeling algorithms to the payers of pharmacy benefit management services. Additional companies that are leveraging the TwoFour Foundation come from a diverse range of industry sectors, including large established companies and small start-ups, many outside of TwoFour's historical client base of financial institutions.

"While each customer development project has unique characteristics and value-add customizations, TwoFour Foundation maximizes the capability of a development team to focus on the delivery of business function, leveraging a battle-hardened and proven development technology," said TwoFour CEO Steve Davis. "Combined with the TwoFour Professional Services team or our clients own developers, the TwoFour Foundation reduces development time, risk, cost, and complexity, and we are thrilled to bring these business benefits to a broad new range of clients." 

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