AJB offers PayPal for retail payment processing

Source: AJB Software Design

AJB Software Design, a leader in integrated payment solutions, today at the 2012 NRF Convention, announced its relationship with PayPal.

Working together the companies will offer Point of Sale (POS) application programming interfaces (APIs), making it easier for AJB's large retail customers to offer PayPal as an in-store payment option for shoppers, who can access multiple payment sources and coupons within the PayPal wallet.

AJB's Retail Transaction Switch (RTS) will provide the framework to allow the millions of PayPal account numbers to be processed as financial tender by existing and future customers of AJB. PayPal members will have the option of paying for merchandise by swiping a PayPal payment card or by entering the mobile telephone number and PIN associated with their accounts.

AJB will build a native PayPal interface within its integrated payment solutions platform. The interface can then be made available to AJB's extensive retail customer base.

"AJB has 20-years' experience integrating payment based vehicles within retail environments," said Pat Polillo, Vice President of Sales at AJB. "We are delighted to work with PayPal on their POS integration efforts. The wealth of retail experience we have been able to build over the years is integral in delivering solutions that work seamlessly in a POS based environment."

"PayPal is committed to extending easy, flexible and secure payments from the online world into retail stores everywhere. By working with a leading integrated payment expert such as AJB, millions of PayPal account holders will have access to some of the best brands in North America," said Don Kingsborough, Vice President of Retail and Prepaid Products, PayPal.

Benefits of the AJB/PayPal Relationship

  • AJB has 140+ customers who rely on AJB products and services. By offering PayPal within the AJB product suite, retailers can easily integrate PayPal payments into 250,000 POS terminals in their stores.
  • AJB assists with simplifying the PayPal/POS integration by using a well-defined set of API's that POS software providers have already integrated and support.
  • AJB will help speed PayPal payments to market for retailers; by already developing, testing and validating the PayPal interface within the AJB product suite. 

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