Vision Financial Markets licenses TT derivatives trading platform

Source: Trading Technologies International

Vision Financial Markets LLC (Vision), a clearing member of the leading U.S. futures exchanges, and Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT), a leading provider of order-entry software and solutions for professional derivatives traders, today announced that Vision has selected TT's X_Trader order-entry software, low-latency exchange gateways, server-based algorithmic execution tools and APIs to provide clients access to the U.S. derivatives markets.

Howard Rothman, Vision's president, said, "The partnership with TT is a differentiator in the marketplace, allowing Vision to offer all of TT's products and platforms to those active derivatives traders requiring top execution and trading technology and performance."

Vision will leverage TT's Strategy Engine (SE) family of server-based algorithmic execution products, which harness proximity-based computing and deliver optimal performance, speed and resiliency to traders regardless of where they are based. Orders placed through an SE application are executed on a server located in close proximity to the exchange matching engine. Simply put, TT's SE execution platform enables traders to trade from virtually anywhere in the world without experiencing the latency typically associated with remote trading. TT's SE family currently includes two products, Autospreader Strategy Engine and Synthetic Strategy Engine. TT expects to launch its third SE product, Algo Strategy Engine, along with its ADL™ (Algo Design Lab) visual programming platform and X_TRADER 7.11 in early 2012.

Harris Brumfield, CEO of Trading Technologies, said, "We are excited to have Vision join our growing list of FCM clients. We look forward to working closely with Vision to distribute TT's X_TRADER order-entry software and API solutions to their client base." 

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