Forexpros revamps Web site

Source: Forexpros

Forexpros, the leading financial web portal, today launched a major redesign of its website.

The new design provides enhanced functionality and simplified navigation to ensure that users spend less time navigating and more time accessing the real-time streaming data, news, and in-depth analysis featured on the site. The revamped design promotes Forexpros' commitment to providing the finest resource on the financial world markets.

Simplicity is a central theme in the changes made to the site. Incorporating enhanced navigation features within a more streamlined layout, the result is a user-friendly site that focuses on accessibility of information and achieves optimal functionality. Whether on the homepage or deep within the Forexpros site, the intuitive navigation features allow users to quickly access the contents of the entire site by ensuring that they are only two-clicks away from all information on Forexpros.

"The goal of the redesign is to simplify user experience," said Daniel Filson, Forexpros' UX Manager. "The hover-based navigation provides insight and direct access to what's featured in each section and the enhanced toolbar offers easy access to the most popular pages on our site. The end result of these changes is more time for users to focus on the information that matters to them."

In line with the improved navigation, the site features a clutter-free design for enhanced aesthetics. The new layout of the homepage, now visibly wider and cleaner, integrates key information in a simple manner so that now the homepage not only serves as a gateway to Forexpros' immense resources, but also as a valuable resource itself. Along with the homepage, the News and Opinion sections feature streamlined layouts to bolster the user-friendliness of these sections. The revamped design saves readers time by ensuring they see the articles that matter most to them. 

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