Registered Rep launches social behavioral investment dashboard

Source: Penton

Penton's Registered Rep, the source for financial advisors and wealth managers, announced today two new offerings on to help advisors make investment decisions using social behavioral research.

The tools were exclusively developed by Titan Trading Analytics (TSXV: TTA). This will be the first time that Registered Rep and Titan have collaborated to create a financial information and investment tool.

The Social Behavioral Research Dashboard is a series of Finance 2.0 research reports that mash up web analytics, social media sentiment and quantitative research on all major industry sectors of the S&P 500. A complimentary report is available along with additional industry reports. TickAnalyst is another new offering on that streams signals mined from a massive financial database that include 10 years of price, volume and volatility data along with real-time social media stock data, which quantify and qualify stocks using a series of 14 proprietary algorithms. The 30 day free trial and subscription access information is available at and

"Providing insightful investing ideas to clients is one aspect of a financial advisor's responsibilities," explained William O'Conor, vice president -- Penton Financial Services Group. "The tools provided by Titan address the hottest area of stock research today - behavioral finance. Combined with our industry news and practice management advice, Registered Rep can be counted on by advisors from all channels to assist in growing their practice."

"Titan has a suite of proprietary quantitative and qualitative research which factors in dozens of human emotional reactions ranging from euphoria to panic," said John Coulter, CEO of Titan. "The system also ingests social media stock data from Twitter, Yahoo, Google, financial blogs, etc. and assigns each stock with a sentiment score which adds a qualitative element able to gauge a 'buzz' on how the stock is perceived by the general public. has created a Finance 2.0 portal which offers a new take on market data and research. Titan is etan is excited to have our products available in this new medium." 

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