SpryWare updates US options feed handlers

Source: SpryWare

SpryWare, a premier provider of Ultra Low Latency feed handlers and direct market data technology, today announced major enhancements to a number of US Options Feed Handlers.

With OPRA rates projected to exceed 10 million messages per second by January 2013, SpryWare has released several initiatives to manage ever increasing data rates. Additionally, SpryWare has added several new direct feed handlers for complex order book processing and option depth feeds.

The SpryWare OPRA feed handler now calculates a real-time aggregate bid and ask size, to facilitate a true market size at the NBBO price, as opposed to the size of the single exchange OPRA reports as the NBBO. OPRA users can get a better representation of the NBBO without being overrun with regional data from 9 individual options exchanges. Adding value added data at the head end relieves downstream processing pressure. The new NBBO calculations mean the client needs to subscribe to as little as 1/9th of the original data, freeing up valuable bandwidth and processing overhead.

SpryWare has also added CBOE and C2 to their list of direct Options Feeds. Direct options feed processing bypasses OPRA entirely to cut milliseconds of latency from option quotes. This adds to the current list of SpryWare's direct options feeds including ISE, ARCA, and AMEX, with plans to add additional direct feeds in 2012.

"It's a race to tackle capacity, while at the same time providing access to new features and more data" says Daniel May, Director and co-founder of SpryWare. "Our clients rely on us to process data more efficiently, but they also demand access to all the new feeds. As an example we now provide Complex Order Book processing for CBOE, ISE, and ARCA giving them access to spread orders not available via OPRA" continues Daniel May.

In addition to Complex Order Books, SpryWare has feed handlers for ARCA, AMEX, and ISE Depth of Market, providing customers a full view of liquidity in each market center. 

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