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Source: Group, Inc. (OTC.BB:BDCG, "") announced today that Michel Daher, Chairman of Daher Bonds Investment Company ("DBIC"), has made a strategic investment in

Other investors include Mida Holdings ("Mida"), Oak Investment Partners, and GFINet Inc. ("GFI"). The total raise is $16.6 million.

Michel Daher, Chairman of DBIC, and Henri J. Chaoul, Ph.D., have been named to the Board of Group, Inc.'s wholly-owned subsidiary, Inc. ("BCI"), a FINRA registered Broker Dealer and ATS, offers access to live liquidity and execution through its web based electronic BondsPRO platform. BondsPRO provides over 70 thousand live prices (with 65 million price updates daily) on 10 thousand different issues from over 300 contributing counterparties. BondsPRO posts live, anonymous, negotiable orders on a single bond or list basis, and permits price negotiation - executing global corporate fixed income efficiency trades on behalf of professional traders. The model drastically reduces the cost of supply meeting demand. BCI is a neutral counterparty to all trades, acting as a riskless principal. All activity is transparent to clients.

Michel Daher, Chairman of DBIC said: "The global fixed income markets are poised for the increased efficiency that electronic trading provides. This capability is critical for traders who face more difficult and uncertain markets than have been seen in decades. is a singular approach and solution to access liquidity and trade on-demand. We are bringing a level of productivity that will be essential to the fixed income markets globally in the years ahead. The investment we announce today is designed to establish as the premier trading platform for fixed income traders worldwide. We look forward to substantial future growth."

George O'Krepkie, President of said: "This investment by Michel Daher, and the renewed participation of our previous investors, reflects the confidence that they have in our all-to-all model as unique in fixed income trading. Their confidence is matched by the confidence our clients continue to show in us as we grow across all key performance measures. We will now have coverage and strong distribution in MENA, adding to our current coverage in North America, Europe, and Latin America, from our single, continuous platform." 

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