MICEX-RTS joins IPC On-Net community

Source: IPC Systems

IPC Systems, a leading provider of voice and electronic trading communications solutions to the world's top financial services firms and global enterprises, today announced the connection of the MICEX-RTS Exchange to its on-net community via IPC's relationships with Cable & Wireless and Statel.

This marks a continuation of IPC's growth in Russia and follows the recent extension of the IPC Financial Markets Network to Russia.

MICEX-RTS is a new Russian bourse that came to existence after the merger of two major Russian stock exchanges, MICEX and RTS. The merger agreement was signed by the shareholders on June 29, 2011 and starting from December 19, 2011 the integrated exchange starts operating as a single legal entity. The aim of the new bourse is to create a comfortable environment for clients and issuers both in terms of funding opportunities and technological solutions. As one of the ways of further improving the services and technologies. MICEX-RTS plans to leverage IPC's well-established community of capital market participants to give its customers greater choice and flexibility in how they access global markets.

"Trade volumes both within and into Russian have skyrocketed over the past couple of years," Sergey Zamolotskikh, Managing Director of Technological Development at MICEX-RTS, said. "Russia is now one of the fastest growing markets in EMEA and with this growth comes an increase in customer demand for more diverse trading services."

"This announcement positions IPC and its DirectConnect service as an ideal network infrastructure platform for traders who require a secure, high-speed solution for their Russian trading activities," said Richard Petrie, vice president, Network Services EMEA for IPC. "We believe our suite of trader voice and electronic connectivity services to be one of the most competitive in the market. MICEX-RTS is encouraging international investors to trade on its exchange, and is keen to develop increased interconnectivity with the global trading community." 

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