TD Ameritrade introduces tech 'triple-play' for online account opening

Source: TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade Institutional1 integrates DocuSign electronic signature and Laser App form filling technologies with its Veo advisor platform to cut account opening time from days to minutes. Through this powerful combination, advisors can simplify the document sending and signing process, reduce contract cycle time, trim costs and improve client service.

"Advisors on our platform have benefited from Laser App integration with Veo for several years, gaining greater efficiency and improved accuracy when creating new client account applications," said Jon Patullo, managing director of technology product management, TD Ameritrade Institutional. "By adding integration with DocuSign, we are able to further enhance the account opening process. Enabling electronic signatures in a digital, straight-through-processing system, we can replace manual pen-and-paper signing, faxing and overnight shipping with a one-click process."

Laser App's prepopulating forms eliminate the need to re-enter information such as client addresses and phone numbers. DocuSign's eSignature solution allows advisors' clients the ability to electronically sign new account paperwork from their computers and mobile devices. Integrating these technologies together with Veo, TD Ameritrade Institutional's advisor trading platform, replaces the current manual process of filling out and mailing documents back and forth for completion and signatures. For added convenience, advisors can now post forms on their own Web sites to make it even easier for clients to access and electronically sign paperwork.

"TD Ameritrade Institutional was an early adopter, providing Laser App for advisors more than three years ago. They took the right steps to integrate Laser App with Veo, giving advisors the ability to leverage existing data to prefill their forms," said Robert Powell, vice president of sales and marketing, Laser App, Inc. "Completing the trifecta with data (Veo), forms (Laser App) and now eSignatures (DocuSign) means the path for straight-through-processing has been paved."

Registered investment advisor, Alex Murguia of McLean, Virginia, has been using DocuSign for several years and has experienced the benefits of reduced paperwork and faster account openings. "TD Ameritrade Institutional has found a way to significantly shorten and simplify the time and effort it takes to open, maintain and update accounts. Laser App and DocuSign help accelerate document turnaround, reduce legal risk and ensure compliance as documents cannot be processed unless every data field and signature tab is completed," said Murguia, managing principal, McLean Asset Management Corporation. "Thanks to TD Ameritrade Institutional's technology integration, I'm able to focus more of my attention on managing my client relationships and growing my business."

Through the Veo open access API (Application Programming Interface), TD Ameritrade Institutional also enables other advisor technology providers to integrate electronic signatures directly into their existing workflows. Orion Advisor Services, which provides back office technology support for advisors, has built a custom integration with Veo. By accessing Veo's API, Orion has integrated its eProfile new account tool with TD Ameritrade Institutional and DocuSign to automate the new account opening process for advisors.

"TD Ameritrade Institutional's unique open access approach allows firms like Orion the ability to utilize these deep integrations and make them available to our advisor clients," said Eric Clarke, president Orion Advisor Services, LLC. "We've been able to develop customized paperless account opening workflows for advisors, maximizing the benefits TD Ameritrade Institutional has provided with DocuSign."

"Financial Institutions have built their reputations on the quality of their customer experience and speed of serving clients," said Joe Fuca, senior vice president of worldwide sales at DocuSign, Inc. "DocuSign is proud to work with Orion Advisor Services, Laser App, and TD Ameritrade Institutional to provide their advisor clients with the fastest, easiest, most secure way to get a signature."

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