Connamara unveils QuickFIX/n

Source: Connamara Systems

Connamara Systems, LLC (Connamara), who provides end-to-end trading systems, market data solutions and development services, announced today the release of QuickFIX/n, a new open source, native .NET implementation of the original and industry recognized Open Source FIX libraries QuickFIX and QuickFIXj.

After receiving many requests from users at trading firms to release a native .NET version of QuickFIX to simplify implementation and improve performance, Connamara invested around 900 man hours in the new release.

QuickFIX/n helps build FIX enabled applications using Microsoft .NET technologies. Until now, any financial firm's .NET developers using QuickFIX required using a C# wrapper provided with QuickFIX. This process introduced implementation complexities through non-idiomatic use of C#, and increased overall message latency as compared to the unmanaged C++ version of QuickFIX. By introducing QuickFIX/n, Connamara is reducing both the complexity and latency.

Being Open Source, QuickFIX/n is FREE to use and is released under the same liberal license as the original QuickFIX and QuickFIX/J. Users of QuickFIX/n will receive the same level of commitment from Connamara in the support of the QuickFIX/n community as it has given to the communities of QuickFIX and QuickFIX/J. Connamara has been a maintainer of QuickFIX since the inception in 2002 and a longtime committer to the QuickFIX/J code base. To get started using QuickFIX/n, please visit the QuickFIX/n web site (

Jim Downs, Founder and CEO, said, "We at Connamara have always been supporters of Open Source, QuickFIX, and FIX. Our hope is that the QuickFIX community embraces QuickFIX/n with the same enthusiasm and support as they have with QuickFIX and QuickFIX/J." 

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