Online Resources reports card issuer deal

Source: Online Resources

Online Resources Corporation (Nasdaq: ORCC), a leading provider of online financial services, today announced that a top global credit card issuer is expanding deployment of the Company's online collections service to its consumers in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Spain.

A client since 2006, the issuer has used Online Resources' award-winning Virtual Collection AgentTM to provide a fully compliant, 24x7 online customer service and collection environment for millions of U.S. consumers of its credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, personal and other loans.

Now live in Colombia and Brazil, the issuer also plans to introduce the Virtual Collection Agent in Mexico, Spain and other countries in the coming months. Consumers in the issuer's global markets can access the multilingual online service to view information about their delinquencies, apply for and enroll in payment plans, or simply make a payment or a promise to pay. As with the U.S. deployment, the issuer will have the flexibility to rapidly scale their debt recovery efforts in response to the changing needs of each of these markets, without adding labor costs.

"Technology brings undeniable value to all stages of financial services relationships, especially the collections stage where our clients are recovering millions in delinquent debt every month," said Stephen W. Ryan, executive vice president of Software Solutions and Services for Online Resources. "We are very pleased to expand the Virtual Collection Agent to serve consumers globally and further improve our client's recovery efforts."

In addition to its industry-leading receivables solutions, Online Resources provides financial institutions a comprehensive set of banking, payment and presentment and other flexible online solutions. 

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