Thomson Reuters desktops add Fathom analytics

Source: Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters today announced that it has teamed up with Fathom Consulting, an independent, global economic and financial market consultancy. The agreement will bring its investment management professionals deeper insights on macroeconomic trends and help identify risk and new investment ideas from those trends.

By teaming up with Fathom Consulting, Thomson Reuters is bringing investment managers access to a broad range of advanced research and proprietary content to identify and illustrate new alpha opportunities that will help them outperform. Professionals will also be able to access to a broad range of advanced research and proprietary content to identify and illustrate the hidden messages in the data.

The agreement builds on and embeds Fathom Consulting's existing Chartbook into Thomson Reuters desktops, which provides a source of analytical content to Thomson Reuters clients. Powered by Thomson Reuters extensive database and Fathom Consulting's depth of experience and analysis, the Chartbook will provide a unique and immediate repository of analytical content, allowing deeper insights as events unfold, across time zones, regions, and asset classes. As well as macroeconomic data, the Chartbook will also include a range of pricing data on key financial markets and cutting edge bespoke models linking the two together.

Using Thomson Reuters Datastream and Thomson ONE, investment professionals will now able to access a wide range analytical tools and pre-built charts based on Fathom Consulting's extensive industry experience. This will enable investment managers to analyze and monitor trends, validate trading ideas, and generate new opportunities. Thomson Reuters clients will be able to access a library of thousands of sophisticated charts, ranging from plain vanilla data representation to complex economic and financial model output. They will also benefit from Fathom Consulting's own proprietary research and commentary which will accompany the graphical representations. And as the Chartbook will retain a direct feed to Thomson Reuters database, the charts will always be right up to date.

Neil Masterson, managing director of Investment Management at Thomson Reuters, said: "We are excited to add Fathom Consulting's expertise to our world class macroeconomic resec research solutions. Their research and consultancy services are used by large number of global financial institutions, Fortune 500 corporations as well as governments and policy groups around the world.. By adding a vast array of sophisticated economic and financial market related charts developed by Fathom Consulting's respected economists, our clients will be better able to visualise trends and create new investment ideas."

Danny Gabay, director at Fathom Consulting, said: "We have been using our own Chartbook for more than five years now, and it has proven an invaluable tool to both our business, and our clients. Moreover, our own experience at a practitioner level tells us that this new feature will address a key gap in the information market, transforming data into analytical content. We are delighted to be working with Thomson Reuters and believe the Chartbook will give its clients an edge, allowing them to easily identify and understand changing risks and opportunities".

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