PageOnce reaches $1 million in bills paid

Source: PageOnce

Pageonce, the popular daily finance service for mobile devices, today announced it has paid $1 million in bills and launched its mobile bill pay app for iPad.

In three easy steps and a few seconds, Pageonce with bill pay gives consumers remote control over when and how they pay their bills, all from one simple app -- anytime, anywhere.

Publicly available on smartphones for almost one month, consumers have used Pageonce to pay $1M worth of credit card, utility and other personal bills. With mobile bill pay projected to grow almost four times by 2013, Pageonce is leading a new and smarter way for consumers to control and interact with their personal finances.

In a survey of 9,800 Pageonce users, 96-percent said they wanted the ability to pay bills from their mobile device. When asked to describe paying bills in one word, the top three responses were: 1) Sucks, 2) Annoying, and 3) Necessary.

"We want to relieve the pain of paying bills," said Guy Goldstein, Pageonce founder and CEO. "Bill pay is the top service request from our users, and we're giving them a simpler, more convenient experience than banks or biller-direct solutions available today."

Consumers pay bills in multiple ways, including online via bank, online via biller, via mail, and in person. According to the Pageonce survey, nearly three-quarters of consumers use 2 or more methods to pay bills. Pageonce with mobile bill pay eliminates the need for these disparate methods, bringing it all together into one service where consumers can both view and pay their bills on the fly.

"This is an opportune time for an independent aggregator to serve up a better way to pay bills," said Mark Schwanhausser, Senior analyst, multichannel financial services, Javelin Strategy & Research. "Consumers are becoming increasingly mobile, and they're searching for the best way to consolidate and speed financial chores like monitoring their accounts and paying bills on the go, from any account they choose. That's a combination banks and credit unions struggle to provide."

Users Love Convenience and Control

"Pageonce bill pay makes it so much easier to pay bills, and it's cool that I can choose where to pay from -- checking or credit card accounts," said user Rachel Rae, a performance specialist in Queens, N.Y. "Having my account and bill information at my fingertips helps me keep track of when bills are due and avoid late or overdraft fees."

According to Jorge Ballerino, a wellness consultant in Miami Beach, Fla., who often travels to visit clients, using Pageonce with bill pay means no more going online. "Now that I have all my daily finances on my smartphone, I don't use anything else anymore," Ballerino said. "I don't like auto-pay because I like to control when to pay bills. With Pageonce, I get a bill pay alert and it gets paid right away."

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