Gnip partners StockTwits on social media data gathering for traders

Source: Gnip

Gnip, the leading provider of public social media data for enterprise applications, today announced the launch of Gnip MarketStream, a product designed to incorporate the most relevant social media data streams into a single solution for hedge funds and high-frequency traders.

Gnip also announced a premium partnership with StockTwits, a realtime financial platform for the investing community and creator of the $(TICKER) tag. The partnership will allow Gnip to further serve its investment and asset management clients with an even deeper range of options tailored exclusively to their realtime social data needs.

This latest expansion into financial services comes on the heels of increasing adoption of the use of micro-blogging data as a trading indicator. Within its current customer base, Gnip already serves a number of hedge funds - from niche firms to funds with assets under management of more than $5 billion - as well as financial signal providers in accessing data for exactly those purposes.

Gnip MarketStream: The "Voice of the Market"
Through targeted social media coverage, Gnip MarketStream provides financial industry clients with the "Voice of the Market," including realtime streams of public data from Twitter and StockTwits. Designed for hedge fund managers, high-frequency traders, and signal providers, Gnip MarketStream solves the challenge of aggregating high-volume, low-latency new media into workable data for trend analysis and proprietary algorithmic development.

"While the use of social media data by the investment community has included news analysis and equity research, the primary adoption of social media across the last six months has been as a trading indicator," said Seth McGuire, Gnip's Director of Asset Management and Financial Technology. "Gnip MarketStream provides investment professionals access to valuable, realtime public social data at a time when social media has become an increasingly relevant news and sentiment channel."

StockTwits Provides Realtime Trading Research Data
Gnip MarketStream will build on the company's new partnership with StockTwits, a realtime financial platform that comprises a community of traders and innvestors who use the micro-blogging service to share market insights, ideas, charts, and news. By actively monitoring users and posts, StockTwits ensures targeted content focused on the investment community.

Through Gnip, which recently announced that is now delivering more than 1 billion social media activities on a daily basis, StockTwits will provide clients realtime access to the entirety of its public user posts - the "full firehose." In launching StockTwits, Gnip will also offer access to historical StockTwits data as far back as 2009. 

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