Sky Road integrates Panopticon data visualisations

Source: Panopticon Software

Panopticon Software, the major provider of visual data analysis software for real-time, CEP and historical time series data, today announced that Sky Road, a leading provider of innovative cloud-based solutions to the financial services industry, has integrated Panopticon visual data analysis tools into its Swap Trader application as well as its innovative Motion application platform.

With the evolution of the swaps market structure in response to regulatory mandates, market participants require a solution that can quickly on-board and connect their swap trading desks to new execution venues in a cost effective manner. Sky Road's Swap Trader is a hosted solution blending execution, order management and portfolio management for fixed income strategies. With the integration of Panopticon's data visualization tools, traders and managers are able to view intraday P&L, exposures and other key parameters using interactive analytical dashboards.

In addition to Swap Trader, Panopticon's data visualization tools have been integrated into Motion, Sky Road's platform that has been built from the ground up to be cloud-enabled delivering an open, secure and scalable solution. Leveraging a core infrastructure that includes market data, analytics engines and connectivity to trading partners, firms can now have tailored applications assembled for the cloud using Sky Road's Motion Studio. With the addition of Panopticon's Developer SDK within Motion, users have access to interactive filtering and other tools that vastly improve analytical efficiency by reducing the amount of time required to isolate outliers and expose trends in large amounts of real-time data.

Panopticon's visual analysis software works with virtually any data source, including real-time streaming feeds, Complex Event Processing (CEP) engines, relational databases, tick databases, and flat files like Microsoft Excel. Panopticon's visualizations provide users with interactive filtering and other tools that vastly improve analytical efficiency by reducing the amount of time required to isolate outliers and expose trends in large amounts of real-time data.

John Borse, CEO of Sky Road, said, "We understand the importance of giving users a way to interact with their trading data visually. As the amount of data required for traders to make good decisions increases, we neeeded a visualization tool that could keep up with the processing power of our Motion platform. We searched for a partner that could provide the technology we needed and found Panopticon. Their large installed user base and wide acceptance within the major banks, hedge funds and trading firms made it clear that their visual analysis system was well-suited to our trading applications. In addition, the availability of a true software development kit allows us to integrate their tools into our platform to provide users with a seamless experience."

Chris Elsmore, Senior Vice President for Panopticon Software, stated, "The Sky Road architecture aligns with the next generation requirements in the financial services industry and their development approach is a great match with Panopticon's real-time visualization capabilities. Our product is built from the ground up with web-deployment in mind and our SDK allows Sky Road and its clients to create new dashboard modules that are intuitive extensions of their platforms' functions. This ability to quickly customize a cloud-based trading system greatly improves user experience and helps people come up to speed very quickly on the system."

Sky Road clients, ranging from startup hedge funds to large multi-strategy asset managers, include trading firms, whose strategies rely on the real-time processing and analysis of an ever increasing volume of order flow, and market data, while ensuring that portfolio information is communicated in a timely fashion with their trading partners. 

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