Turkey and Russia top tech-savvy table for new payment technologies

Source: MasterCard

MasterCard Worldwide has today announced the findings of its 'Tech Nation' poll, revealing how various European countries are leading the way with new payment technologies such as mobile and contactless.

The online research, conducted in November by Ipsos MORI amongst more than 8,000 adults aged 16-64 across Great Britain, Turkey, Russia, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Italy, was designed to identify those payment methods people are currently using and which methods they see themselves using more frequently in the near future.

Turkey and Russia top the table of tech savvy countries where 31% (Russia) and 13% (Turkey) currently use mobile payment technologies, well above Great Britain at just 6%. Equally, contactless technologies have been adopted by more people in Russia (12%) and Turkey (10%).

Key findings include: • Russia and Turkey have the greatest uptake of mobile and contactless payment technologies, although Russia lags behind the other countries surveyed on e-commerce payments (49%); • Greatest use of e-commerce is in Great Britain and the Netherlands, both 78%; and, • Use of cash and cards is still strong across most countries, with card usage lowest in the Netherlands (43%).

As well as demonstrating that emerging economies Turkey and Russia are at the forefront of new payment technologies such as mobile and contactless, the research highlights big variations in the use of traditional payment methods such as cheques and cash across the countries surveyed.

For example, the use of cheques is still prevalent in France (75%) and GB (56%) whilst in Russia, Turkey and the Netherlands this figure is just 4%. Cash use remains high in all countries with the exception of the Netherlands (43%), where consumers using payment technologies such as contactless, mobile and e-commerce tend to use these methods more frequently than users in most other countries. Similarly these early adopters in the Netherlands were more likely to predict that they will be using cash and cheques less, and mobile payments more, in the near future.

Whilst the adoption of mobile payment technologies is highest in Russia (31%), consumers in the Netherlaetherlands armers in the Netherlaetherlands are more likely to make mobile payments on a daily/weekly basis. Again, of those consumers using contactless technology today, those in Russia (44%), the Netherlands (47%) and Germany (44%) use this technology more frequently - on a daily or weekly basis.

MasterCard's Group Head, Emerging Payments Region Lead Europe, Jorn Lambert comments: "The research demonstrates that whilst cash and cards still have a place in the wallets of consumers across these countries, the adoption of new payment technologies is on the rise. "It is perhaps no surprise that countries like Turkey - known to be early adopters of new technology - are using the newest methods of payment. However it is interesting to note that countries like Russia, France and Italy are also embracing the convenience of mobile payments.

"One thing is certain - as consumers continue to drive the move towards more convenient, faster payment technologies, the use of mobile, internet and contactless payments is only set to rise."

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