CPI selects Bell ID TSM software

Source: Bell ID

CPI Card Group (CPI), a global supplier of financial card production and personalisation services, has selected Bell ID's Trusted Service Manager (TSM) software solutions to enable the provisioning and management of mobile near field communication (NFC)-based applications for its customer base across North America.

Using Bell ID's solutions, CPI will be able to assume the role of TSM and support mobile network operators (MNOs) and service providers such as banks and transit organisations to deploy mobile NFC services. Through its TSM services, CPI provides the personalisation of NFC secure elements and the secure provisioning of applicati¬¬ons - such as payment, loyalty and transit - 'over the air' to an NFC enabled mobile handset pre- and post-issuance. The ability to update and manage applications post-deployment allows businesses to react quickly to changing market requirements and compliance regulations. Post-issuance capabilities also enable the convenient delivery of new, pioneering services directly to customers during the lifecycle of the secure element. CPI is offering the TSM services to financial institutions, merchants, MNOs, transit agencies and administrations, enabling them to use the NFC functionalities for payment, couponing and secured access control.

"Utilising Bell ID's software solutions will enable us to offer services and support to the emerging payments industry by providing the framework for a powerful and flexible offering to our North American customers" said Steve Montross, President and CEO of CPI. "As a trusted service provider, CPI is creating the expert partnerships necessary to conduct business securely and efficiently."

David Orme, CEO at Bell ID, added: "As we see a growing and promising demand for NFC and mobile technology, we are keen to see that CPI is taking a leading role in delivering an efficient and secure environment for NFC personalisation services using Bell ID software and we are pleased to support its TSM offering." 

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