Quartet FS upgrades ActivePivot

Source: Quartet FS

Quartet FS, a specialist provider of Business Intelligence and analytics technology, today announces the availability of ActivePivot 4.2 (AP 4.2) and ActivePivot Live 2.3 (AP Live 2.3).

Both products benefit from innovative performance enhancements and better use of memory. AP 4.2 aggregates more data, more quickly than before, enabling users to complete complex risk calculations and make faster, more informed decisions. AP Live is a front-office collaborative application and this latest version includes charts which provide a graphical display of data which updates in real-time.

The innovation behind the ActivePivot technology has been recognised once again this year in the Chartis Risk Tech 100 Report. Quartet FS has climbed 31 places in the rankings to reach 57 from 88 last year. The company scored highly in the innovation category highlighting the unique nature of ActivePivot.

AP is a real-time, in-memory and object-orientated OLAP aggregation engine and version 4.2 is even faster in acquiring and loading data from the business. As a result, users experience higher productivity levels and are able to make better decisions by taking actions based on timely insight and data. AP 4.2 also overcomes storage challenges with the ability to store a limitless amount of data in-memory. Users across a range of industries, from financial services to e-commerce, can undertake more complex calculations, based on as much, or as little, data as required, and deliver an output instantaneously. Decisions are therefore better informed and quicker so businesses can react immediately to their changing environments and ultimately become more flexible and profitable.

AP Live 2.3 is a web-based, real-time "push" pivot table that displays the output of a user-defined query from the ActivePivot cube. This latest version features new real-time graphical displays which adapt and update continuously as the data that users display changes. The decision to introduce graphics means users can quickly and easily see how their trade, or product, is performing instead of having to trawl through various tables of numbers. Version 2.3 also boasts better sorting and filtering functionality and enables users to define new 'on-the-fly' metrics and share these with other users.

Georges Bory, co-founder of Quartet FS says: "Our R&D team is constantly looking at how to make our market-leading solutions even quicker and more adaptable to the complex and fast-pace environments our customers work within. The latest versions of AP and AP Live are our fastest yet, capable of crunching vast amounts of data in truly real-time, representing that data graphically in easy-to-understand charts and then storing that data without any size limits. These latest developments are paving the way for our latest innovation - ActivePivot Sentinel - which we will launch next year and which will provide customers with value-added monitoring and event-based decision-making, also in real-time." 

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