Slib unveils middle office workstation for brokers

Source: Slib

Slib unveils a brand new software platform: a modern and efficient middle office workstation for the brokers.

This solution enables exchanges with one or several Order Management Systems on multiple venues, valuation of the allocations, adjustment/confirmation with the customer and the initiation of settlement instructions. Besides, the platform features a sophisticated business monitoring hub, supplying real time dashboards to steer the global business activity of the middle office and triggering proactive business alerts, thus empowering the teams to increase the responsiveness and value of the service.

This platform, shared by both operations and management, streamlines the processing and increases the quality of the service provided to customers. The alerts directly pushed to the operators enable them to save time by focusing on exceptions only.

By using an effective technical architecture (modules communicate through a JMS bus, developments are in Java and based on the Eclipse RCP* framework), SLIB offers a single and friendly user-interface to the Middle office.

By relying on standard and powerful web services for the client/server communications, the time needed for data upload is optimized and balanced; modules are independent and can easily be plugged to the information system of each broker.

Philippe Cognet, CEO of SLIB, summarizes: "Operational excellence, reactivity and quality improvements, consistency of data management, a single language for all the teams and for the customers, are some of the key benefits offered by the new solution of SLIB."

(*) RCP : Rich Client Platform 

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