ISE upgrades trading system

Source: International Securities Exchange

The International Securities Exchange (ISE) this week completed the most recent upgrade to its new trading system based on Deutsche Börse Group's Optimise trading architecture.

Technology Release 1.6 is the second major enhancement to the system since the completion of its initial rollout in July 2011. The compressed release cycle of Optimise allows for greater flexibility to introduce performance enhancements and new functionality while minimizing any additional work for ISE's member firms due to its backward compatibility.

"With a release cycle of approximately every two months, we are constantly working to improve the performance, stability, and functionality offered by Optimise," said Daniel Friel, ISE's Chief Information Officer. "This latest release fine-tunes the already exceptional latency profile of the new system and positions us well for Release 2.0 in mid-December."

Compared to ISE's previous trading system, Optimise has demonstrated latency reduction of approximately 90 percent. Release 1.6 provided incremental improvements to the system's latency profile, with particular emphasis to improve both the median latency and latency tail. With this very solid baseline performance in place, ISE's technology team is now focused on building new functionality for introduction in Release 2.0 later this year. 

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