Vantage West CU refreshes ATM fleet with Diebiold

Source: Diebold

Faced with upgrading its automated teller machine (ATM) fleet to meet new regulatory guidelines, southern Arizona's largest credit union is adding capabilities to also increase member conveniences, streamline business operations and enhance security.

Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE:DBD) is enabling these benefits by refreshing Vantage West Credit Union's fleet of 34 ATMs, adding deposit automation functionality to 11 of those terminals and providing numerous integrated services.

"Rather than completing a routine ATM upgrade, we wanted to provide our members with the additional conveniences and better ATM experiences offered through deposit automation," said Stefan Harris, vice president, information technology, Vantage West. "The technology also provides multiple benefits for our business operations, including reduced ATM courier visits, faster check verification and streamlined processing."

The deposit automation-enabled Opteva® ATMs will allow Vantage West's members to complete envelope-free deposits at the self-service channel. Members simply insert cash and checks into the ATM and scroll through screens to review and verify deposits. The teller-like transactions provide greater confidence for members, who receive detailed receipts featuring images of their deposited checks. Diebold's current deposit automation technology delivers the industry's fastest transaction time, accepting deposits of up to 30 bank notes and 10 checks in less than 60 seconds.

Vantage West initiated its ATM fleet refresh to meet new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for ATM accessibility, as well as Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations. The new Diebold ATMs meet all ADA requirements, including height, reach, access, privacy and voice guidance. Through its integrated services offering, Diebold will enable PCI compliance by maintaining up-to-date antivirus software using ATM Endpoint Protection by Symantec™ and ensuring all programs have the latest versions and security patches using Diebold's software deployment service.

"Complying with changing regulations is a constant challenge for financial institutions," said Mychal D. Kempt, vice president, U.S. sales and service operations, Diebold. "Through our integrated services offering, Diebold's training, expertise and service capabilities will help Vantage West comply with these regulations, while providing added value for its members."

To enhance security for members, Vantage West's new ATMs feature Advanced Skimming Detection card readers and PCI-compliant encrypted personal identification number (PIN) pads. The card readers automatically detect skimming devices and notify responders. The PIN pads perform PIN resolution via a host server, instead of locally at the ATM, to enhance security.

Through integrated services, Diebold will also help Vantage West deploy targeted marketing messages to ATMs. Using remote updating capabilities, the credit union can push marketing messages and other updates to its entire network. Remote management eliminates the added costs and downtime associated with manually updating every ATM.

Expanding its relationship with Diebold, Vantage West is in the process of transferring security monitoring for its 15 branches and corporate headquarters to Diebold's award-winning Monitoring Center, which will monitor access control systems, alarms and closed-circuit television cameras. In addition, Diebold is installing teller cash dispensers at some Vantage West branches to enhance teller efficiency and security.

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