Gemalto unveils Ezio Plug & Sign

Source: Gemalto

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, today launches the Ezio Plug & Sign, the pioneering corporate banking device that tackles automated clearing house (ACH) and wire transfer fraud.

Ezio Plug & Sign is a truly zero footprint device. It provides a secure web browser for online banking, also called a "safe zone", to overcome the inherent risks of an open online environment. This capability in addition provides the ability to extend the services that can be offered to the users, including secure email, secure electronic bank account management and secure statement viewing. Easy to use - the user simply plugs the USB device into any computer, launching by doing so a safe online portal that permits to review, approve and sign all types and volumes of banking transactions without risk. With Ezio Plug & Sign corporate users and consumers can safely log into any online banking session and be assured of the session integrity even if the platform they connect from has been compromised.

"Wire transfer and ACH fraud are on the rise, and many corporate banking customers, including small-to-medium businesses, schools and non-profits, are unprotected," said Adam Dolby, Gemalto eBanking manager for the Americas. "In the U.S. alone, the FBI is already investigating more than 400 cases of ACH and wire transfer fraud resulting in losses of approximately $85 million. Ezio Plug & Sign is the only product on the market that answers this problem, and it does so in a quick, easy and elegant solution for banks and their customers."

PKI-ready, Ezio Plug & Sign integrates a smart card secure microprocessor and operating system, and is built on Gemalto's Ezio technology already used by more than 40 million bank customers worldwide.

This upgradeable, multi-application platform can be remotely managed, enabling banks to update certificates and deploy new services and applications without the need for new hardware. Gemalto can deliver a complete solution that also includes full provisioning of the devices to corporate users and consumers, and professional services to customize the branding of the applications. Ezio Plug & Sign pprovides a positive, consistent, safe banking experience to users, which reduces the need for helpdesk support, saving time and cost for the bank.

Available now for the North American markets, Ezio Plug & Sign is fully IdenTrust compliant and can help U.S. banks comply with recent FFIEC guidelines.

"Combining IdenTrust's globally interoperable digital identities with the zero footprint Ezio Plug&Sign, creates a more efficient, user-friendly solution, while providing the highest level of fraud mitigation available for online transactions. It's an important advancement in the space, and one we are proud to be a part of." - added Karen J. Wendel, Chief Executive Officer, IdenTrust. 

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