T8 Webware unveils new administrative portal for Cre8 My Card

Source: T8 Webware

T8 Webware, a provider of custom-branded mobile applications, websites and personalized payment card services to financial institutions, introduced today a new administrative portal for Cre8 My Card at the 19th Annual PaymentsSource ATM, Debit & Prepaid Forum, booth #224. Cre8 My Card is an intuitive, Web and mobile application that equips financial institutions with personalized payment card development capabilities.

The administrative portal gives banks, credit unions and Cre8 My Card resellers management, analytical insight and reporting capabilities of product performance at an institutional as well as branch level. Cre8 My Card deployers can now monitor the number of cards generated, from where images are uploaded as well as volume of approved and denied designs. Having the ability to administer and track the statistical progress of card adoption gives institutions complete visibility into how to focus Cre8 My Card promotions and cross-sell other services among various channels and demographic segments. They can also track penetration of personalized cards over time and examine how card adoption relates to additional account acquisition.

"With Cre8 My Card's success among community banks and credit unions, there was an opportunity to evolve the product in a way that appealed to a broader market," explained Wade Arnold, CEO of T8 Webware. "Providing a higher degree of administrative functionality gives institutions insight to product acceptance and trending on a micro level to then better focus additional adoption initiatives."

The portal offers centralized management of image approval, image album selection and complete system setup as well. This consolidated control streamlines card design consent, simplifies employee access and eases billing processes.

T8 Webware's Cre8 My Card lets financial institution customers personalize payment cards through a browser-based and tablet-friendly application that interfaces with popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. During the creation process, users have full-photo manipulation rights to crop, rotate, resize and/or even adjust saturation of the image to their preference. Cre8 My Card's flexibility enables users to customize cards at home and allows institution personnel to promote card personalization in-branch or take the experience mobile at community events using the iPad application. For instance, some institutions are applying Cre8 My Card to fundraising efforts through joint, on-site promotions with schools and charities.

"We reevaluate our Web and mobile services daily to ensure exact delivery to our clients of the services that consumers demand," Arnold said. "Cre8 My Card is already differentiated in the card personalization space because of its recognition of social media's relevance and users' desire for control. The new administrative portal just extends its value in supporting financial institutions with actionable performance tracking." 

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