EDB ErgoGroup signs Finance Norway

Source: EDB ErgoGroup

Finance Norway (Finansnæringens Fellesorganisasjon - FNO) has entered into an agreement with EDB ErgoGroup for the delivery of an IT system used by insurance companies to assess and manage claims.

The agreement represents total contract value of NOK 37 million.

The solution that EDB ErgoGroup will deliver is known as DBS, and is a computer-assisted claims assessment system. This system is used by insurance companies to manage claims for damage to vehicles by assessing the cost and processing the claim through to settlement with the customer. The system also handles communication between insurance companies and accident repair centres. Insurance companies use the DBS system to help manage the cost of repairs, and the system also makes it easier for repair centres to calculate quotations for repairs and submit these to the insurance companies.

The annual cost in Norway of vehicle repairs carried out in respect of insurance claims is estimated to be in the region of NOK 6-7 billion. The current DBS system processes around 580,000 repair assessments annually, and is used by all insurance companies in Norway.

"Through this agreement, we look forward to continuing our excellent collaboration with Finance Norway for many years to come. We very much welcome the confidence that Finance Norway has shown in EDB ErgoGroup by choosing us as a supplier, and I look forward to starting to work together on developing the next generation of systems for repair assessment and claims management for the insurance industry. Finance Norway now has access to the leading environment in Norway for the development and management of IT solutions", says Håvard Larsen, Head of the Solutions business area at EDB ErgoGroup.

FNO acts on behalf of the insurance companies in its customer relationship with EDB ErgoGroup. The contract that has just been signed extends to both the development of a new solution and management services for the solution for the next eight years. EDB ErgoGroup will also be responsible for providing a first line helpdesk service. The new solution will replace the system currently used by Norwegian insurance companies, and is due to be introduced in 2013. 

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