Thomson Reuters launches Portia Centre

Source: Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters today announced the launch of Portia Centre, an evolution of Portia, the industry's premier middle-to-back office investment operations platform.

PORTIA CENTRE, gives system administrators consolidated access to the critical data they need to manage and track key metrics, performance and processes across their operations.

Investment managers today need sophisticated solutions that can help them drive operational efficiency, mitigate risk and cost effectively manage middle-to-back office operations. PORTIA CENTRE provides system administrators with a single console to manage and monitor their daily activities such as imports, exports, report batches and performance history, as well as to track critical technical data, system health and performance.

Developed with input from current PORTIA clients, the multi-currency and cross-asset global solution includes an intuitive user interface that allows administrators to create, schedule and track system-wide tasks, processes and activities. Within the console users can quickly create and schedule jobs, ensure pricing imports and valuation procedures are occurring as expected and confirm jobs have been completed on time. If a problem is encountered, the console provides prompt feedback so issues can be addressed and system problems can be avoided.

By empowering organizations with role-based capabilities aligned with their operational needs, firms can work smarter and more efficiently. PORTIA CENTRE also gives users the flexibility to choose their deployment model, from on-site installation to hosted or fully outsourced.

Christy Bremner, global managing director of PORTIA, said: "Investment management firms recognize the significant cost savings and efficiency improvements available to them by optimizing their middle-to-back operations. PORTIA CENTRE was designed to provide an easy-to-access, consolidated view that gives users the insight they need to streamline operations and reduce risk."

Gary Aylett, assistant IT manager at Mondrian Investment Partners, said: "We were able to collaborate with PORTIA's development team and c clients to create a flexible and intuitive solution that meets system administrator's unique challenges. We can now benefit from a single solution that gives us unprecedented access and control over the data and disparate systems that are essential to our business." 

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