Corelation and Wycom Systems team on cheque processing

Source: Corelation

Adding yet another specialty solution to complement its core system, Corelation, Inc., the credit union industry's newest core processing vendor, has partnered with Wycom Systems, a leading provider of solutions that improves check, receipt, and document processes.

Wycom's WyChecks technology has been integrated with Corelation's KeyStone core processing solution, which has already resulted in the two companies working together during the recent Harbor Federal Credit Union conversion to integrate Wycom's check processing products with KeyStone at the credit union.

Harbor FCU is now using Wycom's solutions - MICR laser check printing, secure signing, and archival featuring an auto-archive capability - to process checks of all kinds in specific formats it chooses. Wycom's products will also be implemented in Corelation's upcoming client conversions: Cabrillo Credit Union and Oregon Pioneer Federal Credit Union.

"We learned that Corelation and its clients had a need for a solid check processing solution and potentially Check 21 capabilities," says Jeff Terrell, Sales Executive for Wycom Systems. "After seeing a WyChecks demonstration, Corelation recognized the tangible benefits of our check processing solution and agreed to recommend the product to any of its core system clients needing laser checks, starter checks, deposit tickets, or check archiving capabilities."

According to Corelation President, Theresa Benavidez, the core processor will bundle WyChecks with its core system proposals because of the value this product provides credit unions. Benavidez sees Wycom solutions being both functionally rich and cost-effective, which bodes well for enhancing the value of future credit union clients.

"Wycom is a fantastic partner that offers incredibly solid technology," Benavidez says. "More importantly, however, is the fact that they're extremely responsive to our clients' needs. Their service philosophy is right in sync with Corelation's and has already exceeded our expectations."

"Wycom is equally excited about the prospects of its new relationship with Corelation," Terrell adds. "They bring to the table a dedicated team with tremendous experience and a strong commitment to the credit union industry." 

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