Clairmail introduces benchmarking service for mobile banks

Source: Clairmail

Clairmail, Inc., the leader in mobile banking and payments solutions, today announced it has expanded its Adoption Services Program to include a new industry and competitive benchmarking service.

The service focuses on bringing value to Clairmail Financial Institution (FI) customers across four areas to drive end user adoption and maximize the return on their mobile investment.

The new Benchmarking service includes:

-- Competitive Benchmarking -- Leveraging its industry expertise, knowledge and research assets, Clairmail helps customers to identify and recommend the best way to position and present their mobile banking offering to gain maximum adoption
-- Feature Benchmarking -- Providing in-depth analysis of competitive offerings and capabilities, Clairmail partners with its clients to design the most successful launch offering, as well as build roadmaps for additional functionality releases
-- Mobile App Reviews -- The first and only tool of its kind, Clairmail's mobile app review tool analyzes the scores, comments and feedback from consumers on FI Smartphone apps. Results are benchmarked against the market and analyzed to provide recommendations on app strategy
-- Research -- Customized and industry research, including benchmarking reports and surveys, to reveal aggregated data across the industry and identify trends and best practices.

The first product to be released from this new service is a mobile banking benchmarking report titled, "Key Strategies for a Successful Mobile Banking Launch and Rapid Adoption." Culled from Clairmail's industry expertise, adoption data and trends, the insights contained in the report demonstrate proven launch strategies that are critical for driving maximum mobile banking adoption and usage. One leading bank customer revealed a 35% mobile banking adoption. On average, Clairmail FI customers that employ these launch strategies achieve nearly a 30% mobile banking adoption rate, two to three times more successful than the industry average.

"By leveraging our expertise and unique leadership position in the market, we are able to provide key insights and recommendations to our customers to ensure successful mobi mobile banking programs," said Pete Daffern, CEO of Clairmail. "We only succeed when our customers succeed, and thankfully we've been able to help our customers hit some of the best adoption marks in the industry as exemplified by this report."

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