Bremer Bank upgrades to Corillian Online and Checkfree RXP

Source: Fiserv

Fiserv (NASDAQ: FISV), a leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, today announced that Bremer Bank (Bremer), a regional financial services company headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., will upgrade their current Fiserv online banking platform to Corillian Online and add Checkfree RXP from Fiserv for electronic bills and payments.

This will allow Bremer to integrate payment functionality directly into the online banking homepage, a feature that improves convenience for the bank's clients and drives service usage. Bremer will also deploy Campaign Manager from Fiserv to enable targeted marketing campaigns via its online banking site.

The move to CheckFree RXP will improve operational efficiency for Bremer, as they are moving away from a service that requires in-house management. The bank will also have ongoing access to the latest electronic payment capabilities through regular Feature Pack updates, which enable the implementation of new functions via a central deployment process managed by Fiserv.

"Upgrading to Corillian Online and adding CheckFree RXP will allow us to deliver enhanced online banking functionality and convenience as we streamline the day to day management of our online payment services," said David J. Whitaker, vice president and eCommerce channel manager, Bremer Financial Services. "Our clients and our employees will both benefit."

The addition of CheckFree RXP within Corillian Online will enable Bremer to provide an integrated online banking and payment experience that enables customers to monitor accounts and send payments from one page, as well as offer new features such as next day payments and electronic bills (e-bills). CheckFree RXP supports the delivery of e-bills from more than 400 companies including utilities, insurers, mobile providers and credit card companies, enabling consumers to both receive and pay bills at their financial institution website.

"The digital financial management space is changing rapidly, and by choosing Corillian Online and CheckFree RXP, Bremer will be able to respond quickly to current banking trends and expand beyond traditional online payments in the future," said Erich Litch, division president, Digital Channels, Fiserv. "Having a flexible and innovative financial management platform in place will be inncreasingly important to maintain customer satisfaction and enhance customer interactions."

In conjunction with their use of CheckFree RXP, Bremer will leverage adoption marketing services from Fiserv to boost customer adoption and utilization. A key value-added service, this proven marketing support from Fiserv relies on best practices to help financial institutions achieve growth in customer payment transactions.

In addition to Corillian Online and CheckFree RXP Bremer will deploy Campaign Manager from Fiserv to build and distribute targeted marketing campaigns within the online banking user interface. The financial institution is a long-term Fiserv client, and uses the Premier(R) account processing platform. 

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