Red Box Recorders signs Wesley Clover Solutions

Source: Red Box Recorders

Wesley Clover Solutions, a leading provider of high-performance, virtualized IP trading communications products and services designed for financial trading firms, today announced a partnership with Red Box Recorders, a leading provider of voice recording, storage and retrieval solutions, to offer their innovative Red Box Quantify Recording Platform to customers throughout North America.

Wesley Clover has seen strong demand from the market place for IP voice recording as more companies move from their legacy to IP trading communications platforms and look to capitalize on the benefits of virtualization across their IT environments. In addition, there is increasing interest from companies in response to the evolving regulatory, compliance and legal landscape as it relates to capture, storage and archiving of employee communications both with investors and counterparties.

The Red Box Quantify is a unique solution that addresses many of the biggest challenges facing financial trading firms today including:
 Pure software-based architecture eliminating the need for proprietary hardware
 Virtualization enables deployment of recording as a flexible, resilient application on existing servers
 Frame-based recording technology optimizes throughput and resilience of media reducing storage and infrastructure costs
 Up to 500 channels in a single recording instance increases density and eliminates scalability issues
 Ability to record both IP and TDM voice streams in a single recorder

Chris Corridon, SVP Marketing for Wesley Clover Solutions stated: "We have deployed almost 1,000 channels of Red Box recording at customers throughout the USA in the last 12 months and our customers tell us that in terms of interoperability with various legacy voice platforms, flexibility, reliability and total cost-of-ownership it is simply the best recorder they have ever used."

Lee Jones, COO at Red Box Recorders said: "We are becoming partner of choice with an increasing number of networking and telecommunications specialists because of our ability to develop flexible, reliable and cost effective software-based recording solutions. We look forward to working closely with Wesley Clover to meet the precise business and operational needs of their customers."

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