BNY Mellon debuts mobile proxy voting

Source: BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon Shareowner Services today announced the launch of its Mobile Proxy Voting service, which allows client companies to extend electronic proxy voting to smartphones, tablets, and other Web-connected mobile devices.

Debuting on October 1, Mobile Proxy Voting is the first in a series of products being launched as part of Shareowner Services' overall mobile proxy strategy. Additional mobile services will be added later this year addressing Securities and Exchange Commission Notice & Access hosting requirements for public companies, with shareowners being able to access and review annual reports, proxy statements and other shareholder communications on their mobile devices.

BNY Mellon Shareowner Services managed more than 600 annual meetings on behalf of corporate issuers during the most recent annual meeting season, and processed more than one million shareowner votes. Approximately a third of these votes were cast electronically, setting the stage for voting via mobile devices as the next logical step in the evolution of proxy voting.

"Giving investors the option of using their mobile device makes proxy voting more convenient, and thereby increases and facilitates shareholder participation," said Kevin Brennan, managing director and head of sales, marketing and communications for Shareowner Services. "The prospect of providing this enhanced shareowner-friendly experience at no additional cost is sure to attract widespread interest on the part of our issuer clients."

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