CME breaks five million contracts milestone; record trading in Globex Eurodollars


Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. (CME) set a new single day volume record on Friday, March 5 as total exchange volume hit 5,494,832, the first time in CME history in which trading volume exceeded five million contracts in a single trading day.

Total volume was driven by record trading levels in CME's benchmark Eurodollar contracts, which set three new records: GLOBEX® volume of 405,855 contracts traded, combined GLOBEX and open outcry volume of 2,177,217, and open interest of 6,016,584 positions. It was also the first time Eurodollar futures open interest exceeded six million contract positions, finishing at 6,016,584 positions. A new open interest record was also set in Eurodollar put options with a total of 1,320,979 positions.

A new total exchange open interest record of 38,136,220 futures and options on futures contracts was also set at the close of business on Friday. The prior combined non-TRAKRS trading volume record was set on July 31, 2003 when 4.3 million contracts traded. Combined volume in CME's E-mini equity index contracts posted the second busiest trading day ever with volume of 1,590,565. Individual products notching new volume records were yen-based Nikkei® 225 futures at 1,000 and milk futures at 2,661 contracts. Open interest in the yen-based Nikkei - which was first listed for trading exclusively on GLOBEX on Feb. 23 - has climbed to 2,170 positions. E-mini™ Russell 2000® futures hit a new open interest record of 72,235.

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