Bank of America Merrill Lynch revamps algo trading strategy

Source: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch today announced the launch of its enhanced flagship algorithmic trading strategy, Instinct.

A best-of-breed suite of global algorithmic trading tools, Instinct is utilized by institutional equity clients to enhance and optimize their trading outcomes.

Instinct features five urgency levels to achieve a broad set of trading objectives and takes advantage of a quantitative impact model that fine-tunes parameters on an order-specific basis. Its underlying architecture has been completely revamped, making it a highly efficient trading strategy.

"Since the initial rollout, client adoption has been swifter than anticipated," said Roger Anerella, head of Global Execution Services. "Instinct is rapidly becoming one of the most frequently used algorithms in our portfolio of algorithmic products. Its intelligent reaction to quantitative signals helps our clients achieve their trading objectives, especially in times of high volume and volatility."

Instinct was developed in response to clients' need for a streamlined but highly sophisticated offering. The algo has been simplified by combining overlapping strategies and reducing parameter complexity.

"We've taken the complexity out of the front-end and moved it to the back-end so entering trades is much more intuitive," said Ashok Krishnan, head of Execution Services, EMEA. "Traders still have these very innovative and powerful tools at their fingertips, but we've made them easier to use."

The strategy, currently available in the U.S., EMEA and Asia, supports trading in diverse market conditions across varying market caps, employs a suite of real-time signals and uses a quantitative model that calculates order tradability and parameters. Regardless of the trading need - from dark liquidity aggregation to instant market access - Instinct can be tailored to accommodate a wide range of execution strategy goals. The depth, versatility and speed of Instinct make it a compelling choice for clients.

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