BSO Network Solutions builds low latency network from Europe to Asia

Source: BSO Network Solutionss

BSO Network Solutions, the specialist low latency provider for global solutions and infrastructure, has again improved the latency on their land cable system to deliver the lowest latency and highest availability network between London & Hong Kong.

The record-breaking speed allows high frequency traders and professional service specialists to gain a competitive advantage, quickly sending and receiving large volumes of data from Europe to Asia.

For many large organisations, a fast and reliable global network is an essential requirement, particularly in the face of the dependence on bandwidth-hungry systems such as video conferencing, cloud computing and business critical applications like ERP and CRM. Similarly, for financial traders, and professional services specialists, the need for a low latency,highly available and scalable network is of paramount importance if they want to say one step ahead.

With the implementation of this revamped Ethernet network, BSO has reduced the latency from London to Hong Kong to 176ms round trip delay (RTD). This was achieved with minimal changes to the infrastructure, and by focusing on working with the cable providers to maximise the routing on the existingcables.

These strategic technical changes to the BSO Backbone involved combining the existing land cable system, 'ERMC', with a new lower latency and higher availability 'Transit Mongolia' offering. Improvements were also done at BSO's Ancotel POP in Frankfurt and Mega-I POP in Hong Kong.

"These modifications and improvements to the BSO Network Solutions' Backbone enables us to offer the fastest network from London to Hong Kong. Furthermore, it helps us to deliver on our three key differentiators, namely delivering global reach, regularly replacing and updating our network, and developing results-based SLAs on latency and availability," said Scott Ritchie, Managing Director of BSO Network Solutions.

"We strive to constantly improve our network and because we have chosen to use a land cable system, we can guarantee that we deliver a system that is more robust, secure & has considerably higher availability performance and of course the lowest latency, especially compared to the Sea Cable systems running into Asia. This ensures that our customers continue to get the bestservice possible to meet all their networking needs." 

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