CMoney and SVX Global form strategic partnership

Source: cMoney

CMoney (Pinksheets: CMEY.PK) is a Houston-based company that is at the forefront of global mobile phone-based payments and money transfers, including the use of the POS and ATM payment systems.

The cMoney solution utilizes secure patent pending technology for mobile phone users, retailers, and financial institutions, and continues to innovate and strengthen the cMoney brand globally.

cMoney and SVX Global announce the formation of a Strategic Partnership Agreement, which will provide additional and more comprehensive capabilities to each other's customers globally.

cMoney will provide a monetizing solution for SVX Global and in return, SVX Global will provide cMoney with interfaces to offer SVX Global customers centric permission based data sharing as well as a collaborative platform to cMoney customers. The partnership will simplify the process of sharing trusted information for both companies between their customers, whether individuals or small businesses, and their network of trusted service providers. This combined offering will be far more comprehensive than similar 'Vault' based offerings currently on the market.

Paul Matthews, cMoney CEO, states, "I am looking forward to being able to offer and simplify our customers' interactions with their different and diverse suppliers. The use of their cell phones, with cMoney's flexible solution, will be further enhanced by integrating SVX Global's superior platform."

Trevor Sinclair, Managing Director of SVX Global, explains, "The Secure Value Exchange/SVX application has developed a proprietary business model with patents granted in the UK, Australia, NZ, and pending in the US and Canada."

SVX is an enterprise Web 3.0 Suite of Customer Centric application that currently provides its customers and small businesses with a secure portal that has a single login. Customers have the ability to manage all of their financial transactions using one simplified solution. The SVX application provides its customers with the ability to build and automate their financial profile and securely share designated data and documents (incorporating European Privacy Protocols). SVX examines its customers' data to provide conclusions based on desired outcomes and financial optimization.

Mr. Sinclair added, "We view SVX, now with cMoney, as comparable to a 'Secure Financial Facebook'; the creation of a killer application which is IP protected. We have seen cMoney as a potential Strategic Partner in commercialization for some time." 

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