InvestCloud introduces 'cloudsourcing' for money managers

Source: InvestCloud

InvestCloud Solutions, the first of its kind all-in-one "Cloudsourcing" (Cloud-based outsourcing) solution for money managers and owners, today announced the release of its two latest software and services cloud solutions - mbOffice and InvestCloud CustomPort.

These solutions consolidate applications critical to trading middle/back office operations (trade processing, portfolio accounting and analytics) onto a single, easily accessible, functional aesthetic Cloud solution. Designed to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency, InvestCloud's products eliminate the need to continually purchase, integrate, and update multiple pieces of enterprise software. They also unify existing fragmented enterprise software and operations into a simple, intuitive user interface via a private Cloud.

mbOffice is a Cloud solution for hedge funds and asset managers that supports portfolio management and investment administration while providing portals for reporting and communicating internally as well as externally with investors. mbOffice is powered by Advent Software's 'Geneva World Investor' suite of accounting and reconciliation engines and uniquely mashes (combines) real-time P&L, performance and risk attribution reporting, trading, operations, accounting, market data and interfaces to counterparties as well as third-party service providers such as prime brokers/custodians and fund administrators.

InvestCloud CustomPort solutions are designed for clients desiring customized Clouds, including multi-managers (institutional investors, endowments, foundations, etc) who require more complex deployments. InvestCloud CustomPort solutions leverage all aspects of mbOffice from decision support to analytics; in addition, InvestCloud has added various comparison views, oversight alerts, look-through methodologies for transparency and consolidated fact sheets, while leveraging the ability to consolidate data from disparate sources into one place.

The first InvestCloud CustomPort deployment is Conifer iCon, commissioned less than 6 months ago by the Conifer Group, LLC. Conifer iConTM was built using InvestCloud CustomPort and leverages mbOffice.

"Our belief is that enterprise software for small to mediuum size investment managers will increasingly die off as cost and complexity become ever more excessive, and local deployments prove too difficult to install and maintain. The "Cloud" has changed the original 1980's model of enterprise software and operations," said John Wise, CEO, InvestCloud Solutions, LLC. "Via our private Cloud, our new offering provides the functionality demanded by the industry at a significantly reduced cost compared to any similar enterprise software and operations solution. The enterprise software and operations approach is now truly 'old think' - whereas 'Cloud think' is the 'new think' and the way forward."

mbOffice represents an out-of-the-box solution for multi-product asset managers, and is designed to completely eliminate the need for in-house technology and operations. Via this platform, an investment manager can launch a fund with as little as a single desktop computer because InvestCloud handles all the technology and operational processing in the background from the Cloud.

Colin Close, President, continues: "We are delighted to launch mbOffice and announce the first InvestCloud CustomPort implementation at Conifer Group LLC, Conifer iCon. The results are incredible. In only six months we have designed a Cloud solution that 're-tools' Conifer's service delivery, which features an exciting high-touch interaction with their clients. InvestCloud technology is a ground-up build that leverages defacto standard applications, with conceptual models for users, operations and developers. The result is a well-engineered functional and aesthetic product."

To view InvestCloud's animated short video "Old think. New think. Cloud think." that further details the firm's product offering please click here. Both mbOffice and InvestCloud CustomPort are currently available for deployment. 

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