Nomura Research Institute expands business continuity planning offering

Source: Nomura Research Institute

Nomura Research Institute (NRI), Ltd., a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions, today announced the expansion of its business continuity planning offering (BCP), including the enhancements of elements such as consulting services and staffing, as well as a new remote office for disaster recovery.

The location will enable investment managers to successfully continue running operations while under the risk of natural disaster.

Using T-MONOLIX, NRI's cloud-based platform, this service will automatically back-up data daily and is designed to protect clients from losing information during unexpected events.

"Until now, clients have had to manage their own back-up environment," said Shin Kusunoki, Corporate Senior Vice President and Asset Management Systems Division Manager, NRI. "In light of recent global environmental threats, it is imperative that businesses are prepared for any situation."

Financial services clients will also have access to NRI's consulting service to compile their customized BCP, which could include migrating their systems to the cloud environment, as well as dispersed access points. Clients will also have access to office space and necessary IT systems, such as PCs and printers, which will stand ready as turn-key solutions in case of disaster. The area will be secured by an authentication system, security cameras and guards. In order to ensure that clients have the necessary human capital, NRI will offer their clients in-house staff for continual business center outsourcing (BCO). In addition, firms can also store back-up data at this remote location, which is a secure measure recommended when planning for a disaster recovery. The T-MONOLIX network uses multiple carriers for connecting to the data center to offer a reliable and secure connection. 

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