EJF Capital signs for SunGard VPM and InvesTier

Source: SunGard

EJF Capital LLC (EJF), an independent SEC- registered investment adviser that manages a diverse group of alternative investment strategies for qualified individuals, institutions, foundations, and endowments, has selected SunGard's VPM and InvesTier to help automate its portfolio and partnership accounting operations from a single platform.

SunGard's VPM is a multi-currency, multi-asset, portfolio accounting and reporting solution for hedge funds. SunGard's InvesTier is a global partnership and investor accounting and reporting solution, used by hedge funds, investment advisors, funds of funds and their administrators to support both U.S. domestic partnerships and offshore, unitized investment corporations.

Using VPM and InvesTier, EJF will be able to maintain a consistent and transparent procedure for portfolio and partnership accounting, timely and accurate reporting, and real-time actionable information for all funds and investors. The integration between SunGard's VPM and InvesTier will help EJF manage all portfolio and partnership accounting and reporting responsibilities from a single platform to help eliminate operational risks and enhance the integrity, transparency and effectiveness of its back-office accounting and portfolio management operations. Consistent with industry best practices, the integrated solution will help EJF consolidate and streamline its operational process, track complex portfolios and instrument types, and provide a quicker response time.

VPM will also deliver real-time access to pertinent performance and accounting data from VPM's general ledger. VPM enhances availability of data through customized reporting capabilities, including click-through reporting, data mining, and intuitive presentation of information.

InvesTier will help EJF fully-manage its partnership accounting obligations while meeting a broad range of client requirements, including fee calculations, income allocations and management of investor and fund level capital transactions. From investor subscriptions to tax accounting and report distribution, InvesTier provides a scalable, reliable solution to support multi-manager, multi-strategy, multi-class and multi-series funds.

"Today's Investors are demanding more out of their investment managers. SunGard's VPM and InveesTier will provide EJF with a robust back-office solution to help meet today's industry demands," said Scott Alintoff, chief operating officer of SunGard's VPM and InvesTier business units. "The seamless integration between the two offerings provides firms transparency and foresight to help adjust investment strategies and deliver pertinent data to their investors, on-demand." 

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