Member Access Pacific launches card personalisation platform

Source: Member Access Pacific

Member Access Pacific (MAP), a US-based card processing aggregator of the Visa Debit Processing Service platform for credit unions, has launched a state-of-the-art card personalization platform for credit unions, branded 'Design A Card'.

The new platform, which enables credit unions to roll out card customization programs quickly and at low cost, is being powered by the patent-protected technology of Serverside Group.
The first credit union to make use of MAP's turnkey card customization service is Unitus Community Credit Union, headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

Through the online card 'designer', which was embedded within the Unitus website, Unitus members will be able to create their own payment cards using either stock images or personal photos of a loved one, pet, favorite place or memorable event.

In addition to the core card design function, credit unions can choose from a number of online card marketing tools provided through the MAP platform, which enable them to track response rates in real time and adjust their marketing campaigns accordingly.

Cyndie Martini, President and CEO, Member Access Pacific, commented: "Industry research shows that personalized cards boost usage by as much as 15%-20% and build stronger relationships with members. This increased loyalty leads to stronger transaction volumes and reduced attrition — key elements in building greater revenues from credit unions' credit and debit programs. Design A Card is a perfect solution for credit unions because it allows them to deepen and strengthen relationships with their members."

Paul Kirkbride, VP of Credit Services, Unitus Community Credit Union, added: "We're excited to offer the Design A Card service to our membership. We believe the ability for a cardholder to put a custom image on their credit or debit card is a great value-add for our program and should help to further bolster member loyalty, retention and usage."

Gareth Jones, Senior Vice President, Serverside Group, added: "Through Member Access Pacific, credit unions now have access to a powerful, off-the-shelf card customization service that can be launched quickly, at low cost and with no impact on their existing IT infrastructure. Credit unions simply have to plug and play in order to start benefiting from the proven ROI delivered by design-your-own-card programs." 

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