SpryWare unveils real-time depth of market capture and retrieval software

Source: SpryWare

SpryWare, a premier provider of Ultra Low Latency feed handlers and direct market data technology, today announced the release of "SpryWare On-Demand Fastor" a system for real-time capture and retrieval of Order Book messages from all full depth of market data feeds.

The depth feeds are normalized, indexed, and stored in real-time and can be accessed via the SpryWare API. The release is beta with full production release expected in the 4th quarter.

The market depth capture and retrieval system is optimized to run on standard hardware without the expense of SSD or DRAM file systems. In contrast to other capture systems using simple flat file systems, SpyWare's data is indexed in real-time for high speed retrieval allowing instantaneous access to a wide range of data points and indices.

In a market environment where ever faster algorithmic development and full depth of market back-testing is required, SpryWare On-Demand FASTOR answers the call of the trading community. The new SpryWare product is available on the company's Market Information Server (MIS) platform, their flagship Feed Handler technology, and is accessible via their popular API. 

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