Compliant Phones offers cloud option ahead of FSA mobile recording rules

Source: Compliant Phones

Compliant Phones, the leading global independent mobile voice and data recording company, has today announced the launch of Compliant Cloud TM, a unified cloud-based solution for providing cost-effective recorded telecommunication services for mobile, fixed line and data devices.

The new solution addresses the data security requirements of financial services trading activity.

The Compliant Cloud TM enables organisations to select the most appropriate configuration to reduce capital expenditure and operational costs. The solution has been designed to provide a range of public, private and hybrid cloud deployment options. This will enable any financial firm to select the most appropriate configuration to suit their needs—without losing the flexibility and scalability benefits associated with cloud computing.

The new solution - offered as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) - supports integration with Autonomy's Digital Safe cloud solution. This will enable users to quickly and easily apply a range of Autonomy's eDiscovery, legal and supervisory solutions, across both voice and data records. Used by the world's leading financial institutions, Digital Safe's integration in Compliant Cloud will ensure that users of the new system will meet the regulatory, liability-protection and service-quality challenges that they face.

Curtis Nash, CEO of Compliant Phones, said: "Financial institutions are looking for ways to support an increasingly mobile and distributed workforce without the cost and complexity of traditional onsite recording systems. Our solution is unique in the sense that unlike other offerings we have the capabilities to address the needs of a growing number of advanced communication applications that integrate data and traditional telecoms functionality."

Nash continued: "In light of the upcoming Financial Services Authority (FSA) mobile recording regulations, due to come into force on Monday 14th November 2011, financial institutions have to address their mobile recording technology needs. Even where onsite recording infrastructure exists, extending it to accommodate new applications such as mobile recording can require significant implementation cost and time. With Compliant Cloud, organisations can achieve this without losing the benefits of cloud computing, with a single unified solution that is flexible, scalable and cost efficient."

Compliant Cloud will initially be used to deliver Compliant Phones' Inline Mobile Recording TM solution, Cloud Mobile. Over the coming months it will progressively expand its connectivity and service offerings.

Commenting on Compliant Cloud's position in the mobile voice and data recording market Rik Turner, Senior Analyst, Ovum, said: "Solutions like Compliant Phones' new cloud service that can offer reliability and rapid low cost deployment, are what firms need to be fully compliant by the 14th November. Compliant Phones has the added advantage of a well-developed roadmap to deliver value beyond this immediate requirement." 

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