Turkey's Is Bank debuts merchant comms at the POS

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico (Euronext : FR0000125346 - ING), leading worldwide provider of payment solutions, today announces that the first "Interactive Messaging System" application, developed by Ingenico Turkey, which transforms the POS terminal into a two-way communication device between the bank and the merchant, is put into practice with Is Bank.

With this application, a first in Turkey, Is Bank became able to directly deliver marketing and campaign announcements for merchants through Ingenico POS terminals.

iCT200 Series with an example of message Is Bank can send to merchants

With the Ingenico "Interactive Messaging System", POS terminals also become a new communication tool. Used by Is Bank, simple notifications, but also marketing campaigns, surveys, videos, promotional offers... can be sent over the terminal to inform merchants.
Technological transformation in payment systems in Turkey is evolving at a dazzling speed. POS terminals are gaining many features and payment receiving functions are creating convenience for banks and merchants with different hardware solutions. With the Ingenico "Interactive Messaging System", developed exclusively for Turkish banking and card payment systems, former communication over the phone or by SMS, can now be done over the POS terminals, thanks to an application that transforms the merchant information operation into mutual communication.

The solution is firstly used in Turkey by Is Bank to inform merchants over the Ingenico POS terminals -with new application - about a laptop awarding merchant campaign. The campaign messages sent from the Is Bank headquarters reached simultaneously the Ingenico POS terminals at merchants. Details such as campaign conditions, chances offered, and more can be seen on the POS display and on the POS receipt. The merchant can reply to Is Bank over the POS terminal. The system also makes verbal warnings until the message is read.

Is Bank has the capability to determine and report the number of merchants interested in the campaign online by using the Interactive Messaging System. As a result, the campaign information process, which was done through different channels, can now also be done by Ingenico POS terminals in a much faster and cheaper way.

The multi-function application can simultaneously carry out many marketing/sales application as well as the campaign notifications. For example, it can run survey studies for merchants and cashiers may send short informing videos or new product information, and sales conditions can be sent immediately to target merchant group. Customizable applications such as cross-sales can be set up and instant campaigns for merchants can be carried out over the system.

Ingenico Turkey and Middle East Managing Director Alpay Sidal, stated:
Thanks to the Ingenico Interactive Messaging System the one way simple messaging POS terminals becomes an online and real time two-way messaging device. Beside campaign notifications, the demands of the merchants can be tracked online and the feedbacks can be instantly delivered and reported. Therefore, the amount of interest on the planned campaigns can be designated and campaign management becomes much more efficient. More efficient campaign set-ups or changes can be sent remotely in real time by receiving feedbacks at the beginning of the campaign set-up. The application developed by our software team is designed to use both written messages and visual and audible videos in advertisement, presentation, instant campaign set-ups and cross-sales. The system, firstly used in Turkey with Is Bank, opens a door to a brand new era that will add value to the acquiring business."

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