BNZ deploys Talaris remote teller

Source: Talaris

Talaris, the global expert in cash handling solutions, is pleased to announce that it is strengthening its partnership with the BNZ, one of New Zealand's largest banks with over 180 retail stores across New Zealand.

In July 2011 Talaris commenced a project to retrofit all BNZ stores currently equipped with Talaris TCR Veteras[1] and Talaris TCR Twin Safes[2] with Talaris CashInsight Bridge. Looking ahead, all new BNZ stores will be fitted with Talaris Bridge devices when installed. The remote access technology improves the operational efficiency of the teller cash recyclers used in BNZ stores, enabling real time performance monitoring and servicing, and providing BNZ with the ability to obtain more timely information on cash movements in its stores.

BNZ is the first New Zealand bank and is one of only a handful of banks globally to implement this leading technology.

The Bridge technology provides rich real time data, allowing Talaris to run diagnostic analysis of teller cash recyclers remotely and to drive service improvements for customers. With continuous remote performance monitoring, Talaris can offer early warning notifications of potential operational issues. CashInsight Bridge also provides supplementary data for proactive support, faster issue resolution to aid tellers and critical product health-checks, all resulting in higher operational availability. Repair time is reduced and the maximum amount of machine uptime is achieved in the bank store. Roughly half of the Talaris TCRs deployed by BNZ are in non-metro locations in New Zealand, where reducing repair time is particularly critical.

Since 2009, BNZ has made a significant investment in cash recycling technology and has deployed Talaris Teller Cash Recycler (TCR) units in multiple retail stores. This investment is set to continue to grow, with Talaris providing expertise and business solutions which enhance the customer in-branch experience, whilst driving efficiency, increasing security and lowering the cost of handling cash.

Paul Johnson, Manager ATM and Physical Self Service from BNZ says, "BNZ is constantly innovating and strives to improve our stores' operational efficiency service, and customeromer benefits and we recognise Talaris' capability in this. With this new service, we can now pre-empt any potential issues, resolve them before they occur and deliver a seamless in-store experience to our customers.

"Talaris' solutions have significantly improved our customers' in-store experience, which to us will always be the priority, and have helped make our open plan stores design work well. This technology gives us the potential for more timely analysis of how cash is moving in our stores, so we can forecast cash better, and it enables us to understand peak transaction times so our staff can work to best effect."

Talaris spokesperson, Mal McHutchison, Managing Director, Branch Teller Automation, says: "We're delighted that BNZ has chosen to grow its relationship with us. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers, and our new Bridge technology is testament to this. The ability to analyse equipment status and performance trends supports our proactive service delivery model, with pre-emptive service activities and preventative maintenance at the heart of our after-sale support".

An added benefit of the Bridge's real time data provided by the Bridge technology in the longer term is that it can help to drive further efficiencies in the store. BNZ has the ability to run timely analysis of cash distribution levels and identify daily peak transaction times, which allows the stores to optimise staffing levels at certain times during the day. It also provides the ability to run more timely analysis around cash movements, which allows the bank store to optimise cash forecasting and reduce operational costs as a result.

In addition, with the new New Zealand Dollar due to be issued in 2014[3], CashInsight Bridge will simplify deployment of detection and identification software for next generation New Zealand Banknotes. Using CashInsight Bridge, new software updates can be downloaded and installed onto machines without requiring an on-site technician visit, reducing the costs to the Bank for new note template downloads, which can be downloaded straight to the machine.

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